Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gift finds from London The City

Today is my last day in London, I took with me items like binoculars to look at Europe's top, always a note book to tell you about my trip, a souvenir of a plant that flies like me and especially as I need to see the countryside a bit of nature.
I'm imagining this woman taking a break and looking at my balloon flying by while drinking a good coffee ....
you can find all these little treasures here ....

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  1. i see you're still floating above the beautiful city--but well equipped for when the winds take you onward-- always good to be prepared for you never know where the winds will blow you next...

    i love these wonderful posts-- a beautiful and exciting journey!!

    thanks so much yann and marie -- hope you are having a fabulous time in your balloon!

  2. it sounds like you had fun in London! very interesting theme :) merci beau coup!

  3. What an exciting adventure! Thank you for letting me come along!