Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gift for anyone who loves the sea

Today I'm over the beaches of the North Sea to France.
I found many nice things to guide me I am always accompanied by a globe, a map of France with telling me the compass north.
A nice reel pushes me lightly as a butterfly or boat sails like earrings that I found. The colors of northern France are beautiful like freshwater pearls, you can find all these pretty things here ....

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  1. What an exciting blog! thanks for the include here.

  2. C'est vraiment joli, merci beaucoup de m'avoir inclus dans votre voyage, Yann.

  3. Merci! I am so happy to be able to take this trip with you..your descriptions of seeing Europe from a balloon are wonderful.

  4. En te lissant j'ai eu l'impression de me plonger dans ces jolis paysages que ton regard sait si bien rattraper!
    Merci beaucoup!!
    sara (teconlene)

  5. thank you very much for all your nice comments that put the sun in the cold of November in Paris ;o)