Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Items needed for my 15 day

Bonjour, today is my 15 days in my balloon, and I never get tired of always finding wonderful objects to illustrate the days spent in my balloon.

I send you a hello hung in the clouds when I'm alone, but thanks for all your little messages I'm never alone, you can find all the other wonderful things here ......

SignsByDiane, SoFino, twolefthands, betsy3, Earmark, bethberg, westbournegrove, tannerglass


  1. Thank you so much Yann, I have so enjoyed your photos and am thrilled to be included in this series!

  2. Oh Yann, all of these items are wonderful, thanks for including our Adventure Card on your blog!

  3. Yann, your photography is amazing! Thanks for including me on your blog!

  4. back to france...and then where to next?? i just love these posts!

  5. Thank you for including my globe in your fun adventure! I'm sure it's helping you out a lot! ,) jaja!

    I'm truly honored to be included in your incredible blog! (That's for real ).
    Your photography is amazing!!!

  6. merci beaucoup everyone for your beautiful message ;o) xxxxx

  7. Compliments again Yann for this blog.
    Not only the idea is very original but you are so nice featuring Etsy items on it.

    Bon voyage!

    Mariana & Paula