Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 15 - North - Cap blanc nez - 80 days in Europe

Log Diary
Day 15

As I had kind of foreseen, very strong winds have pushed me over the Channel again, and I am now back to the North of France.. This is a wonderful view, I am going fast along the northern cliffs... Here's a picture of the coast.

Aphiles France, Cap blanc nez 1:41 pm


  1. Amazing view from the coast! I'm glad the wind brought you back to France:-)

  2. yes I too am glad to be back in France. I love the north of France the scenery is beautiful :o)

  3. such a beautiful artful photograph..what an experience!

  4. floating like a cloud in a sea of blue!
    this is an adventure to be sure.. thanks for all your wonderful photos.

  5. thank you for your message very poetic like this trip