Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 22 - Amsterdam - Tulips - 80 days in Europe - 2010 - Original Signed Numbered Fine Art Photography Print

Log Diary
Day 22

The night was quiet. The country of windmills, cheese, and tulips, is a real pleasure to visit.
I wish the balloon got pushed more towards the sea, since I know the coast is really beautiful... Maybe the winds will hear me and take me there?

Aphiles Netherlands Amsterdam 5:12pm


  1. Beautiful... I love the colorful tulips!

  2. May the wind push you towards the coast and then towards Berlin:-)

  3. Hummmm...love those tulips and they look as if they are waving "hello" to the balloon with their leaves. It's too bad that it's winter where I am though life would be boring without changes in season. I have not visited Amsterdam yet but would DEFINITELY do so in the near future. Amsterdam...makes me think of that song by Jacques Brel.

  4. oh i loooove your all comments merci beaucoup ;o)