Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 7 - Mont saint Michel - Normandy - 80 days in Europe

Log Diary
Day 7
Here is the Mont Saint Michel. I invite you to have a look at this architectural wonder - Seen from above, I feel totally at one with the History of France. I let you imagine the beautiful walk through the narrow streets... However, I feel a cold wind blowing, I have a weird hunch...

Aphiles, Normandy, Mont Saint Michel 6:31 pm


  1. Yann, I love Mont Saint Michel since I'm a little girl. I hope it's not getting to windy and cold up there for you:-)

  2. I am happy that you recall nice memories for the cold I have no problem in my balloon all full of clothes and other items useful to etsy seller, you can find in my treasure ;o)

  3. What a wonderful blog! I love hot air balloons and am easily lost in your posts.

  4. I'm happy to hear all goes well and you're not freezing up there! It must be just wonderful to float in a balloon and have each day another surprise coming up:-)