Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gifts winds

after the perilous crossing in the storm I am comforted with all the wonderfulthings that made ​​my wind in my balloon, look there are still plenty of others here...

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  1. Your idea to present your photographies is marvelous! You have a great imagination and creativity!
    Thank you for including me in this adventure, I love it! ;-)

  2. Thank you :)
    Keep my fingers crossed for good winds!

  3. Fantastic idea to present your photographies! I love it, very creative!
    Thank you for including me in this wonderful adventure for Europe!

  4. What a wonderful little holiday you have here!
    Thanks for thinking of us at Lilliput Loft.
    I have just read thru from the start of your 'hot-air balloon journey' so now I am up to date! Such a great idea.

  5. Wonderful finds to mathc your awesome photo
    really love it
    have a wonderful Friday Yael

  6. Hello over there.... :o) !!

    THANK YOU for stopping by & leaving me a lovely note....Sorry I haven't been able to come visit with you until now....!!

    Your photography is STUNNING & I'm simply GREEN with envy....I only WISH my pics were as BEAUTIFUL....!!

    I hope you had a WONDERFUL Easter & are currently enjoying a BRILLIANTLY creative week....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)